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Amber and Dymnd

Amber and Dymnd

Jacksonville, Fla.-Duly recognized for faithful service to the urban entertainment industry of the Sunshine State, Amber Craft, CEO of Urban Addiction Entertainment Group, Inc., recently took home two awards during the Diamond Awards XIII in Jacksonville.

The Diamond Awards, founded in 2000 by legendary DJ Bigga Rankin, is platform to recognize artists, DJs and individuals working behind the scenes in the music industry.

Craft won the Elora Mason Publicist of the Year Award and Best Entertainment Website forFutureofFlorida.com, which she operates with much-respected record spinner DJ Smallz. Just a few months ago, Craft also won Best Entertainment Website at Best In Florida Awards in Miami late 2012 for FutureofFlorida.com.

“I’ve been working really, really hard and making many sacrifices and it feels good to be recognized by your peers,” says Craft of the recent awards. “I inspire myself everyday to stay motivated and keep on going. But winning the Elora Mason Award is extra special because she is someone who inspired me to reach for my goals.”

And celebrity publicist Elora Mason is thrilled for Craft to have won the award. “Congratulations to Amber for being the first publicist to win the award named in my honor,” says Mason.

Craft got her start in the entertainment industry in 2007 as an intern for a local central Florida public relations company. After learning the ropes, she launched Urban Addiction Entertainment Group two years later. Since, she has played a major a role in the career of highly praised Florida artist Famous Kid Brick and independent record label Hussch Boy Productions. She has also worked diligently with clients Tom G, Papa Duck, Splitta Squad and Young AJ to name a few.

CEO of Urban Addiction &
Label Manager of Hussch Boy Productions

Amber & Dymnd – Urban Addiction Group

Missy: Who is Amber Craft and where are you from?

Amber: First and foremost I am a a single mother from the suburbs of the Nasty Nati otherwise known as Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved to Florida 6 years ago with one thing on my mind, to become successful. I will do anything to reach that goal; work long hours, make financial sacrifices, move across the country, and take risks that the average bear wont. I am the CEO and Lead Publicist for Urban Addiction Group. I’m also the General Manager for the newest uprising Florida based independent record label, Hussch Boy Productions.

Missy: Tell us about Urban Addiction and the role you play with Hussch Boy Productions.

Amber: Urban Addiction is a Florida Based entertainment liaison opening the doors for people trying to get recognized in the ent business. We create and implement developmental tactics, marketing & promotional campaigns, and we provide innovative public relations for artists, djs, models, urban businesses, and more.

I am the EVERYTHING at Hussch Boy Productions, properly labeled, the General Manager. I do everything including developing and marketing the artists’ entire projects. Developing consists of taking their completed work and preparing to release it. Marketing consists of releasing the projects, and executing the plan from that point on. What we’re doing is working. Nothing just happened, it was planned carefully from the core and then executed as a force. There’s a lot of things involved and every detail to me is crucial. I trust the people I chose for every project and together we are setting standards for indie labels and making history.

Missy: Last year was a very exciting year for Hussch Boy and Urban Addiction. What do we have to look forward to this year?

Amber: Starting off 2012 with a BANG, Urban Addiction has added new employees and few remarkable artists to the roster. The clientele that I have right now is simply a blessing. I believe in every artist that Im working! I’m so excited to see not only where my company goes this year, but Im very excited to see where my clients’ careers go this year! As far as Hussch Boy, its just a matter of time before the rest of the world gets a dose of the radiant rays that our backyards have been soaking up for months now. I’ve never been one to brag, but all that I can say is #PayAttention & #WatchMeWork.

Tampa, Fla.- On his rapid rise to the top of the rap game, central Florida heavyweight rapper Young AJ strikes again with new surefire hit single “On My Job” featuring Miami’s own legendary hip-hop veteran Trick Daddy.

The track is sure to blaze up the Sunshine State. And it will properly prep this regional phenomenon known simply as Young AJ for his much-anticipated third solo street album Just Like Music slated to be released early this Spring.

Produced by talented beat technicians T.O.O.L., Young AJ and Trick Daddy recite heart-felt, inspirational messages about setting goals, getting a good education, and taking care of business atop a soulful Luther Vandross sample.

“’On My Job’ is a motivational song for young people to understand the importance of making good choices and taking care of business,” Young AJ explains. “There is enough negativity in the world. I want to put something in their heads to think about, give them something that they can use.”

February 9, 2012 – Tampa, Florida – There’s just no denying Tampa-based independent artist Fatty Duke’s latest single “Boomin” featuring A-town don Gucci Mane from the forthcoming 360 Records / I.C.E. Management Group – released Traffic Kings mixtape soundtrack and mini-movie.

Over uptempo production of quirky synthesizers and bottomless bass, the two shot callers make it thunderstorm in the club, buy out the bar and roll fancy cars atop a radio-friendly track produced by rapidly rising beat junkie DJ Young Cuba, the highly anticipated single is set to release on Tuesday February 14. The official single release party will be held on Saturday March 4 at Club Underground in Tampa, Florida.

“This new single is so hot that it will grow legs on its own. You’re not going to be able to stop it,” boasts Fatty Duke. “The good thing is that there’s so much more to come. Fatty Duke will be a household name before long.”

And he is well on his way to achieving that goal. “Boomin’” is just the first of several career-altering moves that Duke has in line for upcoming months ahead. His label 360 Records is set to release their first mini-move and mixtape soundtrack Traffic Kings on June 19, the first week of summer. The soundtrack currently consists of Tampa rappers 1Syke, Don Juan and Fatty Duke himself.

Orlando, Fla.- January 9, 2012 – After almost two seasons of keeping fans waiting to see what he’ll do next, central Florida native son P.I. Bang explodes onto the scene once again with two of his latest offerings. This time around, Bang blesses the masses with motivationally charged music video “Wynn” and upcoming mixtape Bang of America.
“Wynn” was produced by The Collegues production team. And the video, which shot on location in Las Vegas, features curvaceous eye candy model Heather Bianchi and directed by Florida-based videographers Legit Looks. “Wynn” will be released online Tuesday, January 10 via various hip hop blogs, websites and magazines.
“The song talks about losing and winning. So what other place to do it than Las Vegas,” he asks rhetorically. “In that city, you can win and you can lose. It was a good experience. We put some work in but we definitely had fun.”
Neither the song nor the video has yet to be released, but Bang has created quite a stir around his native Florida. With all of the Southeast sitting on the edge of their seats, the video will debut before the actual song itself.