Orlando, Fla.- January 9, 2012 – After almost two seasons of keeping fans waiting to see what he’ll do next, central Florida native son P.I. Bang explodes onto the scene once again with two of his latest offerings. This time around, Bang blesses the masses with motivationally charged music video “Wynn” and upcoming mixtape Bang of America.
“Wynn” was produced by The Collegues production team. And the video, which shot on location in Las Vegas, features curvaceous eye candy model Heather Bianchi and directed by Florida-based videographers Legit Looks. “Wynn” will be released online Tuesday, January 10 via various hip hop blogs, websites and magazines.
“The song talks about losing and winning. So what other place to do it than Las Vegas,” he asks rhetorically. “In that city, you can win and you can lose. It was a good experience. We put some work in but we definitely had fun.”
Neither the song nor the video has yet to be released, but Bang has created quite a stir around his native Florida. With all of the Southeast sitting on the edge of their seats, the video will debut before the actual song itself.
“When you do things the normal way, it’s expected,” Bang explains. “When you unexpectedly do something, it’s more shock value. People keep hearing about the song but haven’t heard it yet. So they’re waiting on the video just to hear the song.”
No stranger to the screen nor the booth, “Wynn” eleventh video to date. The video will be followed by his third mixtape Bang of America.
“I took my time with the other ones, but with this one I didn’t rush it,” Bang contends. I know I can’t get it perfect but I want it almost perfect. I want everything to be right. I’m trying to cover every angle.”
The mixtape will be released Feb. 24, the same weekend of the NBA All-Star Game, which will be held in Orlando.
“There will be a lot of important people in my city for that weekend so I’m trying to capitalize off that,” says Bang. “That will be the biggest form of promotion- to catch a lotta important people in one spot. I’ll be flooding the streets and use it to my advantage.”
And he knows exactly what he’s talking about. Back in 2009 as a neophyte in the industry, Bang made his presence felt with his scorching debut single “Trap Keep Jumping,” which was produced by heralded hit maker Zaytoven.
The record grew legs on its own and made a lot of noise regionally from the Sunshine State up to Atlanta clubs, radio and mixshows. Today, he is still getting shows off that single alone.
The following year, he hit them with stellar mixtape Banglando and by the end of 2010, he came back again with Bang for Mayor hosted by Disco JR and DJ D Strong.
“People have gravitated to me because I make reality music. The stuff I rap about is almost 100 percent true stories,” he confesses. “I try to make club records and records for the ladies. But most of my music is street. I talk about how to get money, going through trials and tribulations. They can feel what I say is real.”


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