February 9, 2012 – Tampa, Florida – There’s just no denying Tampa-based independent artist Fatty Duke’s latest single “Boomin” featuring A-town don Gucci Mane from the forthcoming 360 Records / I.C.E. Management Group – released Traffic Kings mixtape soundtrack and mini-movie.

Over uptempo production of quirky synthesizers and bottomless bass, the two shot callers make it thunderstorm in the club, buy out the bar and roll fancy cars atop a radio-friendly track produced by rapidly rising beat junkie DJ Young Cuba, the highly anticipated single is set to release on Tuesday February 14. The official single release party will be held on Saturday March 4 at Club Underground in Tampa, Florida.

“This new single is so hot that it will grow legs on its own. You’re not going to be able to stop it,” boasts Fatty Duke. “The good thing is that there’s so much more to come. Fatty Duke will be a household name before long.”

And he is well on his way to achieving that goal. “Boomin’” is just the first of several career-altering moves that Duke has in line for upcoming months ahead. His label 360 Records is set to release their first mini-move and mixtape soundtrack Traffic Kings on June 19, the first week of summer. The soundtrack currently consists of Tampa rappers 1Syke, Don Juan and Fatty Duke himself.

In addition to making his own way, Duke is planning a mini-tour throughout the Southeast to promote his Traffic Kings mini-movie, music and movement.

“Sooner or later every hood, and every block throughout the country will know who Fatty Duke is and they’ll respect the Traffic Kings movement,” says 360 public relations rep Amber- Urban Addiction. “He’s been grinding and building a strong team that not only support him, but believe in the Traffic Kings movement from the heart.”

Along with Fatty Duke, 1Syke and Don Juan endure their own set of struggles, defeats and triumphs. All three are lucky to be out and alive. And they have a story to tell. Traffic Kings mixtape soundtrack and the mini movie series is a candid look into their lives, hustles, struggles and behind-the-scenes footage of them on their journey to reach their dreams.

“Traffic represents your trials and tribulations,” Fatty explains. “Kings mean that now after you have pushed through your trials and tribulations, you can be your own ruler in your own lane.”

And the perfect opener for this crusade to the streets is 360 Records’ Street Kings mini-movie and mixtape soundtrack debut single “Boomin” by Fatty Duke featuring A-town don Gucci Mane.

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