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West Palm Beach, Fla.- Everybody loves the story of the underdog who turns nothing into something with nothing but his wit and own blood, sweat and tears. When every dime is earned from getting your own hands dirty, respect is given to the grind.

South Florida’s newest sensation Robby Goode is the epitome of that Tony Montana mentality. From the bloody Florida streets to partying all night in Jacuzzi suites overlooking the Gulf, Goode gives up the sour and the sugar of his life on forthcoming EP From The Beach 2 Da Streetz.

Available for download on Aug 7, the five-track EP is follow-up to his breakout single “Riding High” featuring MHG’s lethal weapon Compton Menace. It also boasts such simmering tracks as his debut single “Obama” earlier this year. Goode laced the hard, bass-driven track and heavy, synthesized melodies with in-your-face lyrics about personal life experiences.

Another regional favorite is the club-jumping highlight “Numb” featuring Miami-based Haitian rapper Black Dada (“I’m A Zoe”). Goode recently released a music video to sophomore single “Mailbox,” which was directed by Marco Antonio Ruiz of Light Work Films.

Distributed through independent label Goode Look Entertainment, the feel good EP From the Beach 2 Da Streetz is a collection South Florida party music mixed with the rugged streets sounds of the 5-6-1.

“I make music for myself. My words reflect how or what I am thinking at a specific time,” says Goode. “So if somebody connects with my music, then they connect with me. That’s the ultimate reward for an artist.”

Available August 7 on

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