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West Palm Beach, Fla.-It’s no wonder why south Florida’s newest sensation Robby Goode’s steamy hot breakout single “Riding High” featuring MHG’s lethal weapon Compton Menace is burning through the South like an inferno.

With its chest-throbbing bass line, hypnotic synthesizers and infectious, sing-along lyrics, there is no denying this Jay Run-produced masterpiece.

“I make music for myself. My words reflect how or what I am thinking at a specific time,” says Goode. “So if somebody connects with my music, then they connect with me. That’s the ultimate reward for an artist.”

In that case, then, Goode has been duly rewarded for his musical efforts since he first set fire to South Florida with his debut single “Obama” earlier this year. Goode laced the hard, bass-driven track and heavy, synthesized melodies with in-your-face lyrics about personal life experiences.

And that’s just the first of the many heat rocks that Robby Goode has to offer. He is set to bring that same firestorm of tight beats and lyrics to his much-anticipated EP From the Beach 2 Da Streetz: The Goode Life Series in June. It also features club-jumping highlight “Numb” featuring Miami-based Haitian rapper Black Dada (“I’m A Zoe”).

Distributed through independent label Goode Look Entertainment, the feel good EP is a collection South Florida party music mixed with the rugged streets sounds of the M-I-Yayo.

“My topics and emotions go hand in hand,” Goode explains. “Sometimes I just wanna party and keep it light, but sometimes I have to get $#!t off my chest. It all depends on my mood.”

Without question, Goode is destined to be the next rapper to blow from South Florida’s exuberant rap scene. He is constantly making his presence known with his latest single “Riding High” featuring Compton Menace. And with the June release of his debut EP From the Beach 2 Da Streetz: The Goode Life Series and follow-up mixtape shortly afterwards, Robby Goode will prove that he is here to stay.

“It’s all about the Goode life,” Robby details with conviction. “The Goode life.”

Robby Goode - Ridin High (Art)

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