With his recently released single/video “Crazy” featuring Fatty Duke and forthcoming street album Nix 2 Bricks 2: No Love Str8 Thug dropping May 29, Don Juan is set to claim his share in Southern hip hop.

Tampa, Fla.- Giving his rapidly growing fan base just a taste of what he has to offer, Tampa rapper Don Juan releases his highly explosive single/video “Crazy” featuring much respected Tampa-based rapper Fatty Duke.

The lead single is off his forthcoming Millionaire Bound Records mixtape Nix 2 Bricks 2: No Love Straight Thug scheduled to drop May 29, “Crazy” insinuates Don Juan must be insane for parking an expensive foreign car outside of a ghetto corner store or for simply being on the wrong side of the tracks riding in a flashy car. On the up-tempo track, Don Juan and Fatty also put fake rappers’ heads on the chopping block for falsely claiming to own things they don’t have.

“A lot of rappers make music but you can’t match the lyrics with the visuals,” says Don. “They say they are riding in a Maserati or Bentley but they’re standing in front of a Chevy in their video. My music is different because it’s jamming and it’s the truth.”

The street album will be released with a regular-speed, non-DJ version and a chopped and screwed version hosted and mixed by legendary Houston record spinner OG Ron C. And in the video, Don Juan pays homage to his north Tampa breeding grounds, filming in the middle of the concrete jungle in between the streets of Fletcher and Fowler Avenues in a rough-and-tumble section of Tampa known as Suitcase City.

“Me and Fatty are from the same hood and knew each other from the streets,” says Don Juan. “That was one of the first tracks that we did together. We passed it to a couple DJs and they liked it. The record took off by itself. So now we’ve decided to officially release it as my single.”

Don Juan’s rap career began to take off alongside childhood friend Thug Child. Together, they blasted onto the local music scene in 2003 with collaborative mixtape Don Juan and Thug Child’s 15th Street Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. But after Thug Child was sent to prison on drug charges in 2004, Don Juan regrouped and released his solo mixtape debut Nix 2 Bricks in 2004.

Unfortunately, as his solo career began to blossom, Don Juan was caught on the wrong side of the law and sent to prison on trafficking charges in 2007. After three years on lock, Don’s feet touched down on free ground in 2010 and since coming home, he teamed up with Fatty Duke to record a couple of tracks. Before they knew it, those few tracks turned into an entire mixtape they’ve done together called Traffic Kings, set to be released this summer.

But first up on his agenda is the latest single “Crazy.” The lead single is from his forthcoming mixtape Nix 2 Bricks 2: No Love Straight Thug, Don Juan is sure to take the streets by storm with his vivid poetry and infectious style.

Video: http://youtu.be/IDrIPSPzulc
Audio: https://www.box.com/s/1f4c320b8a3fb50ae2a6
Art: https://www.box.com/shared/static/3deea24b010b77c25aa7.jpg

Twitter: @Nix2Bricks
Website: www.NoLoveStr8Thug.com

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