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Tampa, Fla.- It’s not hard to tell that Brooklyn-born bad girl Nanu Kenzie is just as bitter as she is sweet on her takeoff debut single “Now or Later” featuring Tampa rapper Tom G.

Tearing through nightspots across the Southeast with its infectious, up-tempo production, quirky synthesizers and Nanu’s hard-edged lyrics, the single is the perfect introduction for her forthcoming mixtape Welcome to Splitzville Vol. 1 due this summer.

“If you don’t have the clubs on lock, you got nothing,” Nanu protests. “‘Now and Later’ is cocky and confident and that’s the vibe I wanted everybody to feel.”

And she is sure to retain that same cocky and confident vibe throughout the Welcome to Splitzville Vol. 1. Case in point is the cut “99 Problems,” where she spits lyrics like “you make a b**ch wanna do voodoo.” It runs chills down your back and yet still leaves you wanting more.

Nanu also introduces her alter-ego “Evo L” (“love” spelled backwards). On “EvolLove,” she puts her own sinister spin on a remix of T. Rone’s popular single “Hello Love.”

“I’m definitely not your average RnB artist,” Nanu admits. “Love is difficult for me to express. Many say I’m hard to read but when I write, my issues unfold.”

Born Thamara Kenzie Cherisme in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Queens and now residing in sunny Tampa, Fla., Nanu decided to pursue her first love of music just a few short months ago. And now, she is one of the most rapidly emerging artists out of the Sunshine State.

She kicks off her career with debut single “Now or Later” featuring Tampa rapper Tom G. and continues to make strides with the summer release of her debut mixtape Welcome to Splitzville Vol. 1.

“Music is like a boyfriend I cannot leave; it’s just too good,” she contends. “And I intend on making the kind of music that no one will be able to leave alone. I want to make music to withstand the test of time.”

Nanu Kenzie ft. Tom.G - Now or Later (Art)

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