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CEO of Urban Addiction &
Label Manager of Hussch Boy Productions

Amber & Dymnd – Urban Addiction Group

Missy: Who is Amber Craft and where are you from?

Amber: First and foremost I am a a single mother from the suburbs of the Nasty Nati otherwise known as Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved to Florida 6 years ago with one thing on my mind, to become successful. I will do anything to reach that goal; work long hours, make financial sacrifices, move across the country, and take risks that the average bear wont. I am the CEO and Lead Publicist for Urban Addiction Group. I’m also the General Manager for the newest uprising Florida based independent record label, Hussch Boy Productions.

Missy: Tell us about Urban Addiction and the role you play with Hussch Boy Productions.

Amber: Urban Addiction is a Florida Based entertainment liaison opening the doors for people trying to get recognized in the ent business. We create and implement developmental tactics, marketing & promotional campaigns, and we provide innovative public relations for artists, djs, models, urban businesses, and more.

I am the EVERYTHING at Hussch Boy Productions, properly labeled, the General Manager. I do everything including developing and marketing the artists’ entire projects. Developing consists of taking their completed work and preparing to release it. Marketing consists of releasing the projects, and executing the plan from that point on. What we’re doing is working. Nothing just happened, it was planned carefully from the core and then executed as a force. There’s a lot of things involved and every detail to me is crucial. I trust the people I chose for every project and together we are setting standards for indie labels and making history.

Missy: Last year was a very exciting year for Hussch Boy and Urban Addiction. What do we have to look forward to this year?

Amber: Starting off 2012 with a BANG, Urban Addiction has added new employees and few remarkable artists to the roster. The clientele that I have right now is simply a blessing. I believe in every artist that Im working! I’m so excited to see not only where my company goes this year, but Im very excited to see where my clients’ careers go this year! As far as Hussch Boy, its just a matter of time before the rest of the world gets a dose of the radiant rays that our backyards have been soaking up for months now. I’ve never been one to brag, but all that I can say is #PayAttention & #WatchMeWork.