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Street Runnaz - Clothing

Street Runnaz Clothing is an independent fashion graphic brand that was spawned from a southern driven Mixtape Series that started in Summer of 2007.  Street Runnaz as a brand is trusted for bringing forth what is hot in current pop culture as well as being a voice in underground hip hop.  The main objective is to present designs in a unique fashion that caters to the esoteric groups of modern hip hop society.

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Definitely Desh (logo)

Tampa, Florida — Cyber Boutique owner launches elite, modern, hands-on fashion styling group. An easier more compact way for you to style yourself and your brand!

Searching for a look of the stars or a fashion mavon? Definitely Desh Styling is your connection to wardrobe styling, image branding, media styling, and personal shopping.

“While marketing my own boutique through the world wide web, I discovered myself being approached frequently regarding tips and questions from certain companies and entreprenuers regarding creating their brands.” Says Ms. Smith. “I realized that there was a void to be filled. I created and molded an outlet for models, artist, business women and men, to help them improve their and appearance to expand their business and brand within their budget.” -Founder