Be it corporate communications, entertainment public relations or event hosting and planning, Amber Craft is the kind of self-motivated go-getter to take your message to the masses of your target audience. Easily considered one of the most influential entertainment public relations practitioners in the South, she has acquired a highly acknowledged track record by choreographing multi-channel media campaigns for musicians, DJs, models, and lifestyle brands.

“I’ve been so successful over the years because I know my audience,” Craft explains. “I know what they want and I know how to influence them in all aspects.”

Craft is president and founder of Urban Addiction Group, LLC., one of Florida’s exclusive boutique-style marketing and public relations firms. Founded in 2009, Urban Addiction’s culture thrives off innovation and creativity. The company has been the driving force behind helping brands connect with consumers through passion areas such as music, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and gaming.

Urban Addiction’s bottom line includes developing and promoting major releases, special event hosting, planning and execution, as well as corporate communications and media relations. Urban Addiction currently serves a roster of clients highlighted as some the hottest up-and-coming brands of the south and across the nation.

The most recognized music brand to date is Hussch Boy Productions, a Florida-based record label home to entertainers Cristol, Famous Kid Brick, and Blackboi. Craft has built credibility for the label by developing a fully integrated, cross-functional approach to developing and marketing artists. She’s delivered a significant amount of revenue for the label and has established Hussch Boy as a premier independent record label.

Furthermore, she is editor and chief of award-winning entertainment blog,; the only platform showcasing the talents of major and independent Florida based musicians, DJs, models, events, and industry service providers.

And she has also served as assistant marketing director at Good Times USA, LLC., bringing urban awareness to the tobacco brand. At her post, she was responsible for launching the Good Times Hot 100 DJs, a nationwide DJ sponsorship program with more than 150 DJs from across the country. The co-branding partnership was put in place to help Good Times achieve their marketing goals through touring, mixtape distribution, mobile apps, radio broadcasts and spinning in the hottest clubs across the country.

“Entertainment and urban culture are my life,” explains Craft. “I got into public relations because this is not just something I do. It’s something I love, and I love finding the next hot thing. Taking your idea from brainstorm to fruition is my passion.”